How It Works
(For Job Seeker)


The Introduction

We’ll start by becoming familiar with your past experience and future goals. By understanding your specific job requirements, we’ll be able to identify potential employers. This includes a description of your ideal position, salary requirements, timelines, and a thorough technical discussion.

The Search

With a full understanding of your goals and technical abilities we can search our vast database of potential jobs and identify those that may be the right fit. Once we identify those positions that appear to be the right fit we will discuss the opportunity with you to see if there is an interest in pursuing the position.

The Presentation

We’ll present you to the potential employer with a detailed personality profile along with your full technical screen. We will then work with you and the potential employer to coordinate the best time for you to meet in person. Following your interview, we’ll discuss the outcome with you and coordinate the next steps.


Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur.


The Finale

Once a decision has been reached, we’ll work closely with you on what is often the most stressful part of the process. In working with the potential employer, we’ll have a good understanding of their salary flexibility and other benefits. Knowing this information, we’re able to work with you to determine a fair offer. We’ll work through the negotiations between you and the potential employer and finalize the compensation and other related items.

Our job isn’t done when you start the position. We will continue to check in to ensure you are happy with the role you are fulfilling. If you’re not happy – neither are we.

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